WordPress 2.6 new features


I was looking at Shoemoney’s blog and ran into a post regarding the next version of WordPress which is 2.6. No visual changes but new features are added and here’s the list:-

  • Post Revisions
  • support for Gears (speeds up working with the admin screens)
  • Support for the XML-RPC and Atom client APIs is turned off by default now. If you use an external client for posting, you’ll need to specifically turn these features on, under Settings/Writing.
  • Impoved support for SSL access to the admin screens.
  • When you are selecting themes, you now get to view a preview of how your site looks with the new theme before commiting to the change.
  • The return of the “Press This” bookmarklet (find it in the sidebar of the Write page). Drag the link to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar, and use it to quickly post about sites you visit.
  • More avatar options. The Gravatar service now supports displaying MonsterID, Wavatar, or Identicon icons in place of the default icon for those who don’t have a personalized Gravatar. These options are selectable under Settings/Discussion.
  • Improved plugin management. Active and inactive plugins are now listed separately. You now have the abiliity to “bulk activate” or “bulk deactivate” plugins. You can also delete unused plugins at the click of a button.

Thanks to dougal.gunters.org for the list of fixes.

Click here to download WordPress 2.6 Beta 1.

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