Is Cristiano Ronaldo best free kick taker in the world?


I was on YouTube before looking at some football videos and i ran into a few of Cristiano Ronaldo, mainly his free kicks. Don’t get me wrong, i follow Manchester United very closely, but some of these free kicks i missed on the T.V and they are good to watch. Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best free kick taker in the world?

Take a look at some of his best free kicks:

A Ronaldo free kick compilation:

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  1. Darren says:

    Ronaldo is good at free kicks but not as good as Juninho. Take a look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xa5d81_ra0

    • Mirza says:

      freekicks is not depends wheather it’s good or not….if the freekicks is a Goal then it means that the freekick taker is good and Ronaldo has prove it….if u count how many freekicks he has score until now with portugal,man u and real madrid it’s already over 30 freekicks he score and in his age of 25….i think he’s already surpass Juninho

      • Diego says:

        If well is true that CRonaldo has scored some amazing freekicks, it is also true that he has a very low ratio freekicks scored to freekicks taken. Moreover, when he misses, he usually put it on the wall, of very far from the goal. Just like Roberto Carlos

  2. Carl Rosekilly says:

    I’m an avid Man U fan as you know and the technique Ronaldo uses to take free-kicks is very unique and although he has scored some great free-kicks i’m not sure whether he’s the best, as a lot of the time they just hit the wall or go over but when he does hit it true, he doesn’t miss!!

  3. Carey says:

    It always makes me laugh these cheesy soundtracks they put on the compilation videos!

    Pierre Van Hooijdonk was an outstanding free kick taker, more for his consistency – for many seasons he had the highest free kick to goal ratio.

  4. Wow, that Juninho is amazing at free kicks! Carey, i will check out Pierre Van Hooijdonk on YouTube.

  5. michael says:


  6. James says:

    Juniniho Pernambucano has scored 36 freekicks for Lyon and many more for Vasco de Gama and Brazil. Can Ronaldo score from just outside the centre circle?

    See it here:


  7. micht says:


  8. John says:

    (article about free kicks)

    (First of all, I want to report that i’ve really been studying about this subject.)

    Unbelievable how this selfisch boy “Riberey” claimed the free kicks and sended “Henry” away.
    just as i thought the man is shape can claim anything he wants. but totally not in advantage of the team. i wonder if domenech have been asleep for the past few years, or does riberey has more power than domenech himself?. “Henry” you can discuss about the fact whos the best player in the last few years but there is one clear fact, there is nobody with a better free kick on goal than Thierry Henry according to the statistics Henry’s the best free kick taker but its also easily to see. But its redicilous in the french squad, first Zidane was used to send henry away. and now ribery thinks he can just do that.

    many times people don’t know where they’re talking about, if they’re talkin about free kick specialists. first of all you have to separate “free kicks on goal” and “free kicks as a cross” that are two different skills. I will explain about “free kick on goal”

    Many people think that players like Lampard, Gerard, Ballack or v Bommel have a good free kick. this kind of players also claim the free kicks. but according to the facts they rarely score. Also easily to see (if they do score it is never exactly in a little corner, but with power in the left or right side of the goal) mostly the side of the goalkeeper, so the far side. (Actually should be not the side to score, because its the side of the goalkeeper). this players missing placemant “they really can’t aim that good” that is the same with so called specialists like van Persie (always with power, but the goalkeeper always can see the bal coming, its never perfect in a little corner (see: like his goal: Netherlands – Ivorycoast WC 06) Snijder his free kick is often to low to the ground, bad avarage, often in the wall. never perfectly in a little corner)

    About Beckam: (many people think that beckham is a specialist, but he has a very bad avarage en if he do score the keeper often sees the bal coming, often not perfectly in a little corner. but that dossent take away that he has a good cross.

    Robetto Carlos is a really weird story, he kept on claiming free kicks. because once agianst france he kicked the bal with the outside of his leftfoot among the wall (proberply the ball played a big part) his free kick is powerfull (but thats not really needed) and in exactly the same direction as he take his run so should be easilly for a goalkeeper.

    I will give some examples of players who do have a good free kick and explain why:

    Thierry Henry: good avarage, often places the ball in a little corner. out of reach of the goalkeeper.
    and the goalkeeper mostly can’t see the bal coming.

    Rivaldo: often places the ball also in a little corner, out of reach of the goalkeeper
    but the goalkeeper sees the ball coming more often than henry’s

    Julio Babtista: subtiel places the ball perfect in a little corner, only very little power (that dossen’t matter really but if the goalkeeper sees the ball coming and he has a good reflex he could be saving the bal.)

    Then you also got another type of specialists:

    v Hooijdonk: good avarage, knows how to handle a wall. placement only not so good.

    Juninho: nice average: knows also how to handle a wall, but somtimes tries it too difficult

    • bobbito says:

      ur wrong about beckham Mr. ‘i studied free kicks for ages’….beckham often dumbfounded keepers with his placement and always found corners…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adYgHunQEl0

      theres ur proof now do more research!!

    • Mir says:

      Dude, you’re so much wrong about Beckham, have you ever seen his free-kicks? Or the “World Class” keepers are drunk while he takes the freekick?

    • fredthebog says:

      John shut up and write your own article if you want. Don’t put in the comments section. Anyway yo haven’t metioned a specialist like Del Piero who has a certain spot that he can hit everytime.

  9. abdilrahman ali says:

    fuck you bitches, you guys dont know anything about football, here are the 5 greatest freekickers of all time: 1. David Beckham 2. Pierre Van Hoijdonk 3. Rivaldo 4.Ronaldinho 5.Cristiano Ronaldo
    There you have it, 5 of the best football freekickers in the world and of all time. And if u cant understand then you should take an Intelligence Quotient test and see if u are ok.

  10. jhon says:


  11. jj says:

    They are the best, but they are mostly called the Best dead ball specialists:
    1. Juninho
    2. Pirlo
    They are the most amazing ones (my favorites), scores too.

    Free kick takers than the above 2:
    3. Ronaldhino
    4. Van Hoijdonk
    5. Bheckham
    6. Rivaldo
    7. Henry
    = Van persie (great placement)
    8. Ronaldo …i am sorry, he’s not that great. His goal conversion rate is very poor. Ok he’s scored some brilliant free kicks, that doesn’t make him a best free kick specialist.

    • Boi Parr Aftermaths says:

      agreed ronaldo has poor goal conversation rate, but its about the technique put in the shot, like juninho (but he rarely misses a shot)

      lets take away C Ronaldo missed shots, and sum all the one he score, you’l have to say its a good shot.

      even roberto carlos says so, ronaldo adds swerve, SWERVE not curl =)
      juninho dont do swerve =)

  12. jj says:

    if these videos of ronaldo seeem great to you.. pls check Juninho’s free kicks. you’ll find A to Z difference.

  13. jj says:

    if you think those free kicks are extra ordinary…you may want to check out Juninho’s free kicks.

    you’ll find a galaxy worth of difference

  14. Chris says:

    Massimilian Porcello

    look it up on the net, look at his stuff, and weep!

  15. jack says:

    del piero is one of the best. he always curls it right into the corner and has a great goal ratio from them


  16. leedawg3240179 says:

    wow idk how u leave the likes of lampard and gerrard out of that discussion. they claim freekicks because they produce regularly. same goes for beckham. xavi is also a talented free kick scorer. just look up some of the freekicks lampard has hit over the years (check youtube if you really want to ), powerful and creative.

  17. Boi Parr Aftermaths says:

    i would say
    1. juninho
    2. david beckham
    3. ronaldinho
    4. roberto carlos
    5. C.Ronaldo

    NBU – nothing but united

  18. anirudh goyal says:

    yes c ronaldo is the best free kick tacker in the world he is the god for taking free kicks

  19. bob says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo has a very unique way of taking free kicks when he kicks he not only smashes the shit out of the ball but his accuracy is great as well. its like a missile. however he might not be the best since there are other great free kick takers such as David Beckham

  20. jack says:

    Cant believe nakamura hasnt been mentioned!

  21. CRon is the most awesome soccer player in the world!

  22. andidv says:


  23. andinet says:

    c.ronaldo is the best freekick taker in the world c.ronaldo is also the best player in the world.c.ronaldo for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. bekalu says:

    criss is one ever seen best free kicker not only in the world but also in the univere

  25. andinet says:

    c.ronaldo is the best freekick taker.whar about messi kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

  26. messi says:

    c.ronaldo is better than me

  27. seher says:

    cristiano is fucking boy all the time spend with bed women ….but divid is divid he so good the big thing is that he win the title of world cup he is the spenish hero and so good he is the most important plyer in the world cup you rock divid villa

  28. seher says:

    cristiano is the losser player all the club westid has time i now he done a goal but very important matches he not playing so good i dont no way and he give statment so i try good for next match whats that

  29. seher says:

    very bed luck of cristiano he miss the free kick but this is game tomarrow is you supr star and today is divid and messi we girls loveee you divid villa and you to mr missi love them both of you and i heat miss cristiano losser man

  30. Carew says:

    Beckham and juninho both have beautiful shot, but ronaldo is not quite up to the ranks of these guys. He has a great freekick but nothing on the line of Beck and Juni

  31. Danny says:

    Depends. There is bending freekicks, power freekicks, outside bending freekicks etc. For
    Bending look for Beckham, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Messi
    Power look for Ibrahimovic, Roberto Carlos Dani Alves and ronaldo.
    Outside curve look for Roberto Carlos <– Da MAN

  32. gf says:

    Ronaldos freekick ratio sucks.

    Van Hooijdonk indeed was the best freekick taker ever. But because for the rest he was somewhat limited and never played for topclubs it is unknown to many.

    But he was the real specialist, never seen anyone better.

  33. Dave says:

    best free kick takers

    1. Rodrigo Ceni (hes a goalkeeper and scored about 70 free kicks in the brazilian top flight)

    2. juninho

    3. anyone else….but ronaldo wouldnt make top 50

  34. Adelia Zador says:

    Dead pent content material , appreciate it for entropy.

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