How to remove the MSN Messenger virus


To be honest, i’m sick of all the people that sign into MSN Messenger and you get this:


Yes it’s a girl i know. I wish these people knew how to protect their computer from these sort of viruses. If you have tried uninstalling MSN Messenger and reinstalling it try the following resources:-

You wouldn’t get such viruses if you had a firewall and anti virus software installed, but i guess not everyone knows what these tools are.

Update – I’ve posted a new post regarding this. Check it out here.

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  1. Derek Jansen says:

    Hi, I have a similar virus. I believe its brand new. These things are brutal. I have my programs all up to date and have done so many scans I have lost count.

    My Windows Live Messenger 8.1 is sending randomg messages to my contacts telling them to go to a website. They are sent when I am not even online and the computer is off. It reads as follows….:

    “Derek sent 3/12/2008 5:38 AM:

    please download it.

    *virus to the website*

    Any ideas or directions or possibly a removal tool???

  2. Derek Jansen says:


  3. I’ve edited the comment to remove the website. It is very annoying indeed. Have you tried the links i supplied? I’ve never had the virus before, but a search on google will hopefully tell you. Do a search for “how to remove msn virus” in google and see if you can find anything.

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  5. James says:

    Well do this…. if you go into your local settings and then /appdata you can try and search for it in there…. thats where those viruses are normally “hanging”

    If you reply quick i can get your email or something? i’ll guide you through getting rid of it? :) good luck.

  6. I don’t have the virus. Other people do though. Maybe you could write a guide and i’ll post it?

  7. James says:

    Umm Well…. its hard to write i guide …. i kind of just work with the person… if you know what i mean?

  8. Don’t worry about it, i know what you mean :)

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  10. winnie says:

    hi all,

    i just received a virus via msn as i accidentally clicked on the link after my friend msg me something that says “hey is that you in that pic?” and i’ve runned the program on my com only to realise later that it’s a virus. however, i have spybot search and destroy running on my com and after the program was run, i kept clicking ‘denying change’ on registry and even after running a scan by spybot, the thing doesn’t seem to be deleted as i keep sending this virus to my msn contacts. i’ve also runned clamwin antivirus to no avail. may i know how can i delete this virus? thank you vm.

    • amelia says:

      Hey i’ve got that too…the offline instant message from my friends contact saying “hey is that you in that pic?”…i was so worried..i mean who did all of this things

      • Sophie says:

        Yea same here! I got it last night and right now Im trying to get rid of the thing. I’ve sent emails to all my friends telling them to not open the link I got. Hopefully I can get rid of it :)

      • Emily says:

        I’ve got that too! But I had it for a while, and now my computer won’t start, it only brings up the name of the computer and goes black after that.
        Any solutions?

  11. winnie says:

    i’ve tried those methods in the links above and they don’t seem to have removed it too.any suggestions or solutions? thanks

  12. Winnie, have you tried the new post i made?

  13. glo says:


    i got exactly the same virus derek got
    ( Derek Jansen, March 16th, 2008 at 1:13 pm)
    i was getting the link numerous times from one of my friend on contact list. i knew it was a virus so i did not click on it, and every time i got that link i just x’ed out from the box but the funny thing is, now my friends from the contact list are saying that i am sending out these links. is it possible for me to get that virus when i didnt even click on it??

  14. glo, you won’t have the virus if you didn’t click the link, you should be fine. Does more than one person use your computer? Maybe they clicked the link?

  15. glo says:

    no- no one uses the computer except me and i didnt click the link. but how come those people whos on my msn contacts are saying that i am sending these wierd links to them? it seems like its the virus or warm (i really dont know what it is) within my msn spreading to all of the contacts? and i just found out that there is this file automatically created in my “my sharing folders” called BRANDS. i opened that file and it has this file called ‘config.xml’? what is this suppose to mean? does anyone know?

  16. Darren says:

    glo, i think you should reinstall msn messenger, delete that brands folder, try the above link to remove any potential virus and run spyware checks, virus checks etc.

  17. J says:

    There’s actually a few ‘viruses’ about which aren’t viruses. Sometimes these links send you to a site which says something along the lines of ‘please enter your hotmail address and password to continue.’ Doing this will cause some sort of bot to access your account, hence the reason why it may have been happening whilst you’re offline. My first solution would be change your password. This often fixes problems, failing that it’s probably a virus.

  18. Matt Taylor says:

    I also have this virus thing, ive tried doing virus scans and it does nothing.
    I really need help. its sending links to a video to all my contacts in my list around every 15 mins.
    what should i do?
    please help

  19. Cara says:

    i believed i got the same virus as the display picture.
    But i’ve went to all your sites…but i couldnt find any of the files

    can you please help me
    thank you

  20. Melissa says:

    i got a virus from a friend saying ” just took this. i hate my camera”, and when i opened the file, my computer couldn’t show it so i sent the file to the recycle bin, and then deleted it. My friend says that the virus is still there, but my computer hasn’t been affected in any way which is weird. Does that mean that the virus is not there anymore, or does that mean that file wasn’t actually a virus. Does anyone else have this? That would really help
    Thanks :D

  21. Tõnn says:

    Maybe u can find usefull information from this webpage http://www.msnvirusremoval.com/

  22. redruM says:

    All you guys, listen up!
    Few steps to get as good as possible.
    First off, delete Messenger, TOTALLY! Even registry files.
    They can be found if you open Run and type regedit.
    Next, get your hands on ESET Anti-virus, and Outpost Firewall Pro. With the combination of these two programs, you can be sure that nothing at all will pass. If you do have a router, turn on the Firewall within the router, this is actually the best firewall you can ever get. But if you do not have a router, ESET and Outpost is the way to go.
    When you have installed these two programs, you can reinstall Messenger.
    You will never have problems again.


  23. redruM says:

    And by the way, ALWAYS make your friends say what hides behind a link, before you open it?! It’s just damn common sense!

  24. Karie says:

    Silly me…I clicked the link!
    I got an IM from a friend on MSN telling me I was on a video on myspace and that I should check it out. This is the most wicked virus I have seen in a long time. I cant even uninstall MSN messenger. I cant open the add/remove programs option. I have kaspersky antivirus which normally catches everything but apparently not this one. This virus keeps reproducing in my computer. Im finding all kinds of new and exciting .exe files such as sex.exe, ssex.exe, zepa.exe and many more that I keep deleting. I can barely use internet explorer. This is crazy! Im not a tech. Nothing I have done is working. If anyone can fix this please let me know.

  25. Will Treynor says:

    Is it possible to get a virus from a photo someone sent me via msn? Msn is no longer starting and it crashes everytime I try to run it.



  26. Pippa says:

    My daughter’s PC has a virus. I have formatted her computer – full format, not a quick one. I have re-installed XP and am unable to load anything else from memory sticks. Everytime it says they are corrupt yet the same sticks will install fine on anther PC.
    If I connect to the internet I am re-infected within seconds. I have formatted 3 times now. PC currently is not connected to internet and I’ve installed nothing more than XP, SP2 yet I am still getting MSN links from my daughters MSN account. I can only presume therefore that the virus is resident elsewhere than on her PC??

  27. Dakangel says:

    The reason the links are still being sent even after a format is that your daughter and it seems a lot of other people have in-advertently provided their username/password o a website (Possibly stating they can sho you whos blocked etc…) they then run a script which logs each person in and spams their address list so that more people sign up. The Remedy…? Change your MSN password. Simple :P

  28. proslaviy says:

    Hi, how I can send PM?

  29. You can’t, just send me a message via the contact form here: http://daparky.com/contact-david/

  30. CHAD MITCHELL says:


  31. Nicole says:

    hello my sister in law is having trouble with her msn it is
    when she logs on she can only talk to 1 person no one else just 1 when she talks to more than 1 person in diffrent boxes it logs her out can u plz help us

  32. Darren says:

    Nicole, what i would do is reset the whole computer back to original status.

  33. Nicole says:

    and how do i do that

  34. Darren says:

    You should have like a windows CD that came with your PC.

  35. Mike says:

    Darren, Would that not be a bit extreme in order to fix one program? Correct me if I’m wrong. I think that Nicole should just uninstall msn and reinstall it again and see if that makes a difference.

    Maybe Chad should try that if he has no luck with getting his laptop started. He has one nasty bug!! If that doesn’t work, then try taking a few paracetamol and two days bed rest and it should soon clear up!! :D LOL

  36. peter says:

    i believe i got a msn virus.
    it was a ZIP file sent to me via my friends. In the zip file, it contained file .. supposedly some .jpeg file with my email address behind the extension.

    iam supposedly sending this to my other msn contacts now.
    Any one with clues on how to get rid of this.?

  37. kos says:

    the same . i got it in a screen saver file. do you know where it may be hidden

  38. bryant says:

    hi there.
    i have clicked a link from a contact on MSN mssger that asked to log in with my email and password, i didnt know it was a virus until my friends told me i got one, do you know which one i have?

  39. SK says:

    Hey, yeah i am not new to the internet or using msn and usually can tell if something is dodgey and will not risk clicking on/installing/leaving details on anything suspicious and usually know better but.., i too was stupid enough to click on a link i was sent on msn my a mate of mine who was off line at the time.
    It was something along the lines of “my new years eve pics” and it linked me to somewhere where i had to sighn in an stupidly i did so and now if annoyed the hell out of the contacts on my msn list and some are now also infected.
    When i sighned in to the provided link it told me that i had sighned in from another computer and now people get messages from me when iam off line.
    I used a this program befroe http://www.download.com/Clean-Virus-MSN/3000-2239_4-10836867.html but it didnt find anything.
    And oh yeah, i use nod32 and zone alarm pro, as well as adaware and spybot s&d so its not like i dont have good security.
    iam going to try changing my log in details.
    Thinking about trying this program http://www.msnvirusremoval.com/download.php and yeah i’ll check some the links provided here.

  40. Sanjay says:

    hi i have a virus. when ever im offline and my freinds sign in an offline messege appears saying check these naked pics of me. help me

  41. Steve says:

    I’ve been hit by something like that without ever clicking on any links that were sent to me. The one I got seem to be fairly recent and it has to do with weight loss pills.. my friends told me I sent these messages out:

    “Tony and Linda just told me to try these pills I saw at their place, Acai berry. They get them for $5 and they swear they lose weight. 11 pounds in two weeks they said. Anyways, I ordered up a bottle from the offer I found here”

    “Howdy, I just spoke to jen and bill, and they told me to check out some pills they saw on Oprah. They said they lost 23 pounds in about amonth with them. Anyway you can find them here for only $5″

    both messages come with a link that I obviously didn’t put up. I tried Spybot Search and Destroy, Trend Micro, and AVG but none of them picked it up.. I changed my MSN password and it didn’t get better. I google this one up but only found like two hits, both were dated February 2009. I don’t even know where I got it but more and more people will probably be getting it. Just an FYI.

  42. Gillian G says:

    I apparently got that virus as well without ever clicking on any links, Steve.

    Did you find a fix at all yet? My Kaspersky Internet Security never picked it up. It’s odd.

  43. Joe says:

    apparently, i have been sending that same message to people on my contact list:

    “Howdy, I just spoke to jen and bill, and they told me to check out some pills they saw on Oprah. They said they lost 23 pounds in about amonth with them. Anyway you can find them here for only $5?

    Luckily, all my friends are smart enough to tell me that i got a virus so im looking into it. So far, nothing. I doubt re-installing msn would just fix the problem… anyone else with this problem?

  44. Gillian G says:

    Yeah I have it too and I swear my computer seems to be acting slower and yet my virus program isn’t picking anything up at all.

  45. Bruno says:

    Hi there….

    Dammmit, i got same thing today and don’t know why! My friends are also telling me this and trying to fix it! Kaspersky doesn’t toutch it yet and… can’t find nothing about it! I’m from Portugal, so it has allready passed the Atlantic Ocean! :D Hug guys and hoppe some “shotgun” appears for this shit!

  46. Marjan says:

    Same thing. I didn’t click on anything, but according to some friends, I’ve sent some of these messages too. It seems that they all start with sending you a nudge.

  47. Greg says:

    Yeah I didn’t click on any links either and just yesterday my friends told me I’ve been sending them the weight loss virus link offline. I don’t know how I got it, and I’m hoping my virus scan would pick it up. My McAfee expired yesterday ( how coincidental ) so now I’m hoping ZoneAlarm would save the day.

  48. Sumair says:

    Man, i got this same virus yesterday, its a real pain in the neck, i am unable to IM any of my contacts, if anyone has the solution to this problem then please post it here,its really hard for me to talk to my girlfriend :’(.

  49. Cielle says:

    I have the same thing – I didn’t open the link either so I thought I was safe, but my messenger is now sending weight loss messages to people. No antivirus/spyware seems to detect it.

  50. zoid says:

    apparantly this new spamming crap is sent when we’r offline so this is probably an account hijack. itz a good idea to change passwords. just a guess though… i know this virus has put many of us in deep shit…

  51. Night says:

    I have Virtual PC running Windows XP, i’ll click on the link and see what happends. I have a second MSN account with just my first one, i’ll see how that works out and post it back here. (I’m no Norton but it doesn’t help to have a look)

  52. Night says:

    Update: The link is offering a fantastic offer to reduce weught and shappen by buns! Kidding aside, All it seems to do is ask for shipping information, once you click on Place Order, is brings you to a “Secure Site” a NON https, and then asks for credit card information. (Havn’t gone further obviously). Nothing installed so i’m currious how information could of been hijacked.

  53. Mriebel says:

    same problem here.. sending out weightloss and oprah shit to people while being offline.. what does it do, how did i get it, and more important, how to get rid of it? is it trojan? (me computer numb, thought a cool word would look nice :P )

  54. zoid says:

    only things to do *sofar:
    do a virus scan
    change ur password and security password on a safe workstation

  55. hamzie says:

    i have the weight loss thing too :(

    if anyone finds a fix please post it here

  56. hamzie says:

    forgot to add spybot detected a few things.. which i’ve deleted but not sure if i still have it

    u guys shud try spybot

  57. poor thing says:

    yes i have this too :( someone please come up with a solution…

  58. Belle says:

    Ahh I have the same weightloss problem. I’ve done spyware and anti-virus checks using CA Antivirus and Norton. Nothing. I uninstalled and reinstalled my messenger. Nothing. It seems like this is a fairly new problem. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated :)

  59. J_v says:

    So has anyone a solution?

  60. Jon montroy says:

    I wouldn’t go on about people not knowing how to correctly have security on their computer. I have up to date nod32, and a firewall running, i have never gotten a virus. I however am apparently sending people messages how to lose weight with oprah winfrey and not spybot, or my antivirus, or hijackthis, can detect anything on my computer.

  61. Safeer says:

    Hi. Wen i use my msn on my phone using ebuddy my friends get sent weird links even wen im offline. Please tell me how i can get rid of the virus

  62. JiR says:

    well google led me here AVG has not detected it this virus is a menace I seen it on a friends computer some time ago and laughed but now I HAVE IT its like a silent killer there has to be a soulution

  63. John says:

    Same problem, did not click anything to get it, has anyone been able to get rid of it?

    Tony and Linda just told me to try these pills I saw at their place, Acai berry. They get them for $5 and they swear they lose weight. 11 pounds in two weeks they said. Anyways, I ordered up a bottle from the offer I found here:

  64. Melissa says:

    This happened to me, I have never gotten a virus before, i have a router with w security key, i had avg, then kaspersky, i even downloaded the msn virus clean thingy, super antispyware, doctr pc, and this things doenst stop. When i log off it send teh messages and when i log on it dletes my nickname or subnick it is horrible, i just bought a laptop and it did teh same thinG! my laptop is 3 days new!!! and paparemtly is just with my account!!! and not teh other users i have changed teh password to see what happens i am very concerned ( it was a very expensive laptop) i hae no idea how this jhappend and i have it on my account for ther other pc i used to woprk with but only for my emial address msn messenger what can i do ??? I work with the messngeer!!! HELP!!!

  65. Aaron says:

    For people with the weight loss pills msg – This is taken from the msnvirusremoval website

    “These messages have been asking about pornographic links and advertisements for diet pills. These adverts look similar to the following:

    Wanna lose a lot of weight without diets or excercise? Kathy and I have both lost over 31 pounds in a couple weeks just by taking Acai tablets daily, the same ones that Oprah talked about on her show. They are only five dollars to try, We get them from

    FInally after all this time I found the only way to lose a lot of weight in just a few weeks and not have to diet or excercise. I seen it on Oprah and the news, ordered it and lost 36 pounds in just a few weeks and still losing, they have it now for only five dollars order it at

    Adverts of this nature are sent by account hijackers, who sign in as you and spam your contacts.
    To fix this problem you need to change your password by going to the Windows Live Account Page, furthermore you must not change your password back for at least 6 months, if ever”

  66. Ricky says:


    ive been recieving the same problem
    my msn sends out the weight loss link to people when iam offline.
    this has happend twice to me.

    my msn also sent out an email saying “best goods best services” when i was offline

    does anybody know how to remove this problem.

    will changing my password solve this problem?

  67. Ricky says:

    Ok i found this website, it might of been added on here before.
    here is the website – http://www.msnvirusremoval.com/download.php

    however they are trying to sort the weight loss virus out and they will have a program that might remove the virus and will be launched on the 6th of april.
    so i guess we have to wait for atleast another week and hope the new program they will launch will help.

    fyi its the “msn virus info gatherer” that will be updated with a new software on the 6th of april.

    if you click on download you will get this message

    “MSN Virus Info Gatherer has been temporarily taken offline and will be available again on the 6th of April. For more information please see the news post.”

    this is the website with the news post info stating that it will be available on the 6th of april


    i hope this will help for the time being and the new software will be helpful to remove that virus.

  68. cabong says:

    I used the msnfix too, at first time it encoutered an infection, i told to fix, tried to run again and at the second time no infections were found… i hope that is solved!!!

  69. mirjam says:

    I tried to use MSNFix but after choosing Search and when starts to scan the program tells me that the access is denied….does anyone know what might be the probleb?

  70. Sierra says:

    Hey, I think I have this vius which everyone is talking about. Someone sent me a message saying ” Haha, is that you in this pic” and that was the first time I had gotten it from someone. Like me, I clicked on the link, and to my suprise nothing came up. Now, I don’t understand why I had gottewn this virus, but now all my family and friends are clicking on the links which I sent to them. ( I didn’t really, but you know) and now everyone I know is infected with it. It is so irritating! I don’t know how to get rid of it, my mom took a look at this site, and she did as followed, and nothing happened. It isn’t working for me, why? Couold you please help me? I had another idea, If I download the new MSN Messenger, and get a new msn, and shift all my friends MSN adresses to the new MSN that maybe, the virus wil go away. If you download the new Version, will you still have the old version? Thanks for all your help, please reply :)


  71. martin says:

    i been facing the same problem so ppl keep on kicking my butt when i log into the messenger i am sick of it and the ANTIVIRUS?

  72. Sierra says:

    I scanned my computer and it says I have no virus, but It is still sending random messages to people on MSN!!! Grrrr. It is getting really annoying.

  73. Sierra says:

    and I also have AVG, so I should not have this problem.

  74. Sierra says:

    I have found out a way to get rid of the virus!!!

    1.First go to your start menu. Once you have opened up your start menu, look at the bottom for something called “ start search”. Once you have done that, type in “defender”. If something called “ windows defender” comes up, click on it. A screen should come up, and at the top of it look for something that says, “scan”. There is a little arrow beside it, click on it. Then go down to “ full scan”. Then it should run a scan through your computer, and get rid of any unwanted or harmful viruses you do not want! Yes it may take a while, but be patient! It should work. It worked for me :)

  75. Ed says:

    PEOPLE, listen, as many of you noticed, the “Wanna lose a lot of weight…” thing being sent from your Messenger account, even if your Messenger is not actually open, it is NOT a virus – read Aaron’s March 28th Post – and it will be fixed once you change your Windows Live account password.

    If you have any other simthoms like the following (but not limited to these), use the Messenger Virus removal tool of your preference:
    1. Can’t send IM to my contacts
    2. Messenger opens, freezes and then closes.
    3. Users in my contact list report they are getting suggestive/weird messages followed by a file transfer request sent by my messenger account.

  76. Sierra says:

    It will not let me download the tool, to fix my Msn virus. I have the third problem. Is there any other way to get rid of this virus? Is it even a virus?

  77. Sierra says:

    Okay, People I really need help here. So If you don’t mind giving mesome advice, that’d be awesome! Please!

  78. Tracy says:

    recently, my friends on my msn list told me that they received some weird message like sex website to them when i just signed in … i do not know what is wrong with my msn messager. do anyone know what happen on my computer. BTW, not all my friends in my contact list receive that message!!!! need help…!!

  79. kayla says:

    Hi, my brother had a virus on his msn so he told everyone to block it and he got a new msn account. I believe that he did not get rid of it so he ended up going to a person who cleaned up his computer. What I dont understand is how exactly did he get it? His friend had the virus but he never clicked on the link. Could you get the virus from that person just by chatting with them? Now my cousin has it and i dont understand how he got it either, unless he decided to click the link which i think would be possible for him. Could you please help me because I want to know also how i could find out if i possibly have it. I do have a firewall and anti virus and anti spyware but is it still possible to get without the protective systems detecting it?

  80. sami says:

    Hi, my msn opens all the contacts and close them then when i want to open a contact, the conversation doesn’t open, i sign out and resign in, but it’s the same, i tried to uninstall the msn and reinstall it but there is the same problem, plz help me!!

  81. scott says:

    Hey you all if none of you have went to some website and put in your hotmail password. The only thing that I have found is that I only use my password with facebook. So if you link the two together that is probably were the problem comes from.

  82. mirjam says:

    Hi scott….i use also facebook account,hmm…interesting.

  83. zan says:

    facebook huh…

    the thing about the link my friend is sending me, it’s the losing weight one but she’s online when she sent it.

  84. [...] probably isn’t for those of you sturggling with the bug. Anyway there is a great post over at http://daparky.com/how-to-remove-the-msn-messenger-virus/ which I suggest you check out to remove [...]

  85. Thomas says:

    You know how annoying it is when someone is trying to be a IT nerd claiming that pratically everyting is a virus.
    And who the heck are you Derek Jansen???
    What makes you think the link is a virus??

  86. ghost says:

    to redrum : Quote – “you can be sure that nothing at all will pass.”
    This gives people a FALSE sense of security, no firewall or antivirus can catch 100% of everything. Whilst being very good advice to run both, it is treckless to tell people that will be 100% safe, people still must add “common sense” to their list of anti-malware tools.

    to Thomas : Nice way to try to insult someone with a “MOM joke” you do realise I hope that people will take nothing you say seriously when you show contempt for others, and do it with the mentality of a 12yo – food for thought.

  87. ajiaz sarwar says:

    my msn messenger is sending people messages while off line

    how do i stop that

  88. V says:

    I’m having the same problem! I’ve got kaspersky internet security and i can’t believe that it does not detect anything!!

  89. DHJ says:

    some have suggested this is linked to your e-mail address and not your MSN.
    Since I have a firewall (windows and hardware via router), McAfee antivirus and AVG antivirus installed (with multiple scans done with each, including in safe mode), none of which mattered to the virus, I’m inclined to agree.

    How I got the virus, I really don’t know – since I never click any links I get from MSN unless I’m sure they’re sent from my friends.

    We’ll just have to wait and see – since the messages are sent when I’m not even online (or my computer is off), I’m inclined to agree that the e-mail is the culprit.

  90. Mark says:

    Know-it-all. I have both firewall and anti-virus, yet I still got the virus. Some stuff still slips through.

  91. yan says:

    I also have the weight loss virus and actually changed my password and now its back so changing your password obviously doesn’t work. If anyone knows how to fix it let me know. I think the only solution I see is to create a whole new account and abandon the infected one :(

  92. SG says:

    Like everyone else here i have the weight loss pill “virus” yet i didn’t click on any links and ran scans but wasn’t able to detect anything.

    If someone succeeded in removing the problem please lend me some help. I would really appreciate it.

  93. Wael says:

    hi while im talking with my friend on msn messenger i got from him website ex: http://www.example.com not like see my photos i think a save website so i click on it and the virus comes :S and he also sending to my freinds without i know and everytime i reboot the computer the website allpics launch i format my c: driv still also plz any body help me
    im tired from it

  94. Mick says:

    Think one way to sort this problem out is to get rid of msn messenger and find something more stable.
    Seems to be a never ending drama with these links.

  95. Leah says:

    my msn keeps sending messages to people by itself, i’ve scaned my computer but nothing comes up so i dont know what to do, plus im stupid when it comes to computer virus stuff

    this it what it keeps sending…

    “Are you finally ready to lose some weight with no effort, well I am living proof that those acai berry pills everyone is talking about actually work, I lost 22 pounds in two weeks and it only cost me five dollars over at”

    then it has a link

    how do i solve this problem? please help me :)

  96. Tash says:

    My mom’s gonna kill me. Whenever I talk to people on msn they (well not them technically) send me a link saying “Your picture on facebook, haha” then a link with my email address in. Of course I opened it coz how am I supposed to know it was a virus. Norton killed it within a few minutes but my friends keep sending it to me and I keep sending it to them. It’s out of control! What do we do? Please help or I’ll never be able to talk to my friends on MSN again.

  97. Lorraine Taylor says:

    just down load and run msn virus killler

  98. Ron says:

    i’m not sure how but i just received a message from someone that ISN’T IN MY CONTACT LIST. i don’t know this guy and of course this guy/girl posted a link….i’m not sure how he/she got my email address and i think it’s getting creepy… is this some kind of hack??? im scared.. any suggestion?

  99. giannis says:

    i have antivirus and firewall and i caught a virus msn

  100. ineedhelp!! says:

    hello, i neeed help!!, there is an MSN messenger virus and whenever i sign in, i chat to my friends for a few mins and then my mouse isnt in MY control, it just moves anywhere and all sorts of websites pop up , and i dont open them, i have to wait till it finishes and when it does , whenever ii want to open a friends name to chat with her, it doesnt let me and is that a virus or not??, it doesnt happen anywhere else but ONLY ON MESSENGER , do you think i will have to leave messenger for ever or is there a chance for someone, who has a heart to spare some time and tell me what to do xxx ???

  101. roheeee says:

    hey sorry i got this virus saying
    “foto :D (smiley face) http:// (then the person’s email adress comes up) ”
    i clicked on it accidently, and now my msn is all weird, and it keeps sending the virus to my other contacts….i would really aprecciate any help you guys could offer… plz help me get rid of this!!!!

  102. Same as roheeee says. I have the same problem. you are right maybe masn is no good. So what must I do to get rid of this virus. It is a real pain!

  103. damn says:

    right whenever i sign in to msn i am ok for 5 mins then it sends out a message saying :

    foto :D then website followed by the contacts email address

    any help on how to get rid of it??

    thanks :D

  104. quickfixx says:

    same as roheeee

  105. hacker HATER!! says:

    HELP! when I use messeenger every messenger tab close stupid hackers

  106. Little One says:

    I just got those virus, and I do not knw how to remove them… HELP!!

  107. unkown says:

    i got da same virus as damn!! i cant get it deleted i run a scan and it is no where to be found but whenever i open my msn i lags and opens different chats and sends foto+thieremail+link I neeeed hellppppp now

  108. Hazem Malkawi says:

    be aware of there is an option in MSN says: Automatically accept photo invitations. so even you didn’t click the link you will accept by default so be sure to uncheck this option.
    and to do so go to Tools-> Options-> Messages-> look for this option Automatically accept photo invitations and uncheck it. that will disable accepting messages by default.

  109. Brad says:

    Most viruses are worms or trojans, the worms like to hide in the rarely-accessed Win32 folder, with smart folder names.. I found that deleting all of the empty folders in win32 fixed all my problems and stopped me from getting anything ever again.

  110. koen says:

    i hate this virus and if its nog from my pc fast i will go crazy! help me on a eazy way please so i can understand it

  111. dannyfeelgood says:

    i wish you would contact msn, to ask how to get rid of it, NO SPYWARE , TROJAN OR FIREWALL WILL STOP IT, the reason is when you click on the link, it copies itself into the msn program files as a genuine msn file. therefore it will never be detected or removed………unistalling msn wont work either as the virus itslef is still in the registry and has to be delted from there. do not attempt this yourself, unless YOU KNOW what you are doing

    for those that recieved link or messages from ppl not on their contact list, its not a virus, its just spammers. your email address and thousands of similer names and sent messages every minute, BUT DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS, REPORT AND BLOCK THEM USING MSN

  112. Cam needs HELLPPPP says:

    hi. iv had to use ebuddy for the past year now. becasue everytime i sign into msn. a message pops up saying “numb” and then my msn screws up and says not responding and exits. i really needs help on fixing this please its pissing me off so muchh. i hate ebuddy. and i miss msn. any help would be awesome. cheers.

  113. dane says:

    i clicked on a spam link on msn now when i sign in my contacts keep flashing up like open then close them selves how do i stop it?

  114. Matthew says:

    I have it to, whenever I log onto msn, it comes up with
    “is this a photo of you” and then it has a link for it, it does this every 5 minutes about 10 messages to every single online contact, I have run nortons scan, windows defender scan, un-installed and re-installed msn, changed my conputer configureation vi msconfig in the start menu, everythin i can think of and it is starting to F***ING P**S me the F**K off. PLease help me

  115. BC101 says:

    Hi all,
    I got the same message as lolli above me, with my email in the end.
    I clicked it and run it (Like a complete fool) an a small black screen appeared and disappeared instantly around 3 times.
    But, My messenger is working fine and none of the things that happened to people in the previous comments happened to me.
    But im still not feeling good about clicking the link,
    Any help or am i good?

  116. wissam tattan says:

    Hey, I think I have this vius which everyone is talking about. Someone sent me a message saying ” Haha, is that you in this pic” and that was the first time I had gotten it from someone. Like me, I clicked on the link, and to my suprise nothing came up. Now, I don’t understand why I had gottewn this virus, but now all my family and friends are clicking on the links which I sent to them. ( I didn’t really, but you know) and now everyone I know is infected with it. It is so irritating! I don’t know how to get rid of it, my mom took a look at this site, and she did as followed, and nothing happened. It isn’t working for me, why? Couold you please help me? I had another idea, If I download the new MSN Messenger, and get a new msn, and shift all my friends MSN adresses to the new MSN that maybe, the virus wil go away. If you download the new Version, will you still have the old version? Thanks for all your help, please reply :)

  117. Michael says:

    I’m afraid that what this whole thread is about isn’t a virus or spyware. It’s the big internet companies…Yahoo, Google, Amazon, Etc., sharing your info and targeting everybody with shit that they think you might buy!! They have all invaded our privacy in the name of greed! They now have all come out against Net Neutrality and want to be able to decide what you can and can’t access on line!! WE NEED TO STOP THIS SHIT NOW!!!!

  118. Me says:

    avast is the best answer everyone. I recieved a message -and got one just now even- saying “foto :D ” followed by the liink. I then ran a scan using avast and it picked it up. It is called Win:23 worm. I then deleted it and everything was fine again. Things u may experience when you have the virus: Loosing your conversation windows 1 by 1. Sending the virus link to all your contacts without u knowing. Really recommend avast as it is free and solved my problem straight away.

  119. Rory says:

    I was going about doing my normal stuff on the computer when I get a message from a friend asking about an email I sent him where I “Bought an apple ipod from “website goes here” and you should check it out” and when I went onto messenger to check my other friends to see if they got the same message I saw all my contacts disappearing in a blur. I keep my avast running at the maximum level, how could this have happened as this isn’t a shared computer, I don’t open strange links and just have a small group of sites I usually access when not in trouble, facebook, wikipedia and hotmail? Can anyone else recommend something for me to do as avast can’t find anything wrong, I’ve gone over my process list and recently created files with a fine tooth comb. I normally laugh at people when I get random messages from them which I know are a virus but now find myself at a loss.

  120. Shaun Aaron says:

    Hey guys, I recently got a link saying that my pic is at it and I being a complete fool clicked on it eventough I knew it was a virus !!
    When I clicked on it it came out a download thingy so I dl it and it finished completely but when I opened it. There was nothing, couldn’t even view it!! Recently my comp had these following symptoms as soon as I dl it.
    1. Mouse disappeared( i used ALT+CTRL+DEL to make it work)
    2. There’s a chat box that appears in my msn and I can’t seem to get rid of it( it’s a virus I guessed )

    Does anyone know any solutions to my problem. It gets quite irritating as I formatted it once and it worked but now since I clicked on the link it’s back and I need to remove it other than reformatting.

  121. HASTER says:


  122. Kelphen says:

    I got a chat virus or something that generates a code and i cannot see the chat box all i see is the code on my send mail thing and in the chat history, something like this ba4a0faa-9296-11e1-9eb1-8c89a531734d

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