10 Unique Toilet Designs


I was browsing through my e-mails this morning only to find some very funny Unique Toilets.I’ve no idea where this has come from and i was basically in a forward. Some are crazy and some are even crazier.

I would never think twice about having any of these in my home. I wonder if anyone has actually got a toilet design like the ones below in their home?

Which one do you like the best and which would you have in your home?

The Unique Toilet Designs…

Unique Toilet 01

Unique Toilet 02

This one is my favourite

Unique Toilet 03

Unique Toilet 04

Unique Toilet 05

His and hers?

Unique Toilet 06

Unique Toilet 07

Unique Toilet 10


Unique Toilet 12

Unique Toilet 13

7 Responses to “10 Unique Toilet Designs”

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  2. Carey says:

    His and hers! Thats just plain wrong..

  3. Ken Salcedo says:

    Indeed, those are unique! I like them…;-)

  4. Bell says:

    We need another design for the toilet’ but I’m not sure any of these fit the bill. Going in somewhat of the right direction..:)

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